A Finely Tuned Education

150 150 Teri

I don’t know much about music, but I do know this: you don’t tune a piano by stuffing it full of sheet music. Agree?

Now I want you to think of your child’s mind as an instrument you are tuning. Stuffing it full of information won’t make it perform better. It will probably have the opposite effect.

Here’s another thing. Have you ever watch a musician tune a piano, or another string instrument? It can look like a mysterious process to someone like me. But does that mean the musician is doing anything wrong? Of course, not.

Now I want you to embrace this one thing more than anything else: you are an expert on your child. Nobody cares more than you do about this precious human’s mind, heart, and soul.

Do what you find necessary and helpful to spark your child’s imagination, create a drive to learn, and develop a solid character. When your child receives a finely tuned education he or she will absorb all the information necessary– no stuffing required. 

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