Do you believe you can give your child a world-class education?

It’s not only possible but something you can start working toward today.

Dying to Win: How to Inspire and Ignite Your Child’s Love of Learning in an Overstressed World provides parents with a “big picture” view of international education issues—and simple, practical, strategies to implement at home.

Grasping for academic success takes a toll on families around the globe—with parents in China spending up to 30% of their household income on tutoring and students spending up to 17 hours per day studying.

Moving to Asia opened my eyes to the dangers of emulating a system so intense it pushes some students to the brink of suicide.

My time in Asia made me realize that most parents already have what it takes to make their students truly successful. I realized the educational subculture I grew up in amounted to a successful experiment.

I researched the factors that made homeschooling work, and interviewed successful homeschooling families to find specific, simple strategies any parent can use.

In my book, Dying to Win, I share seven of these strategies that you can put to practice today.

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