When a Good Day Doesn’t Feel Like It

1024 682 Teri

My son crawled onto my lap and hugged me.
“Do we have time to read the same amount of Frog and Toad as last night?”

I picked up the book, and we began slowly working through the pages. He slowly sounded out words while I pointed out those breaking the usual phonetic rules.

About 30 minutes later I tucked my sweet boy in bed.“Hey buddy, I’m sorry I was grumpy today. “
He looked at me completely baffled.
“I don’t remember any grumpy stuff.”

Then he perked up and started quizzing me to find out exactly where I had slipped up. I managed to make a quick escape.

His words stuck with me for the rest of the night. (Probably partially because it’s unlike my children not to revel in any concession from mom.)

I mentally reviewed the day.

It felt like a tough day. Every child had wanted something he, or she, couldn’t have. The bigger kids were reigned in several times to keep quiet so the baby could sleep off a fever.

Each of the three oldest children refused to do something, resulting in lost privileges. By bedtime, they were all exhausted. I was exhausted. But they were also incredibly sweet. More importantly, they were content.

In reality, that day was probably one of my most successful homeschooling days. It was such a good reminder that successful homeschooling is mostly good parenting. And it’s not really about how I feel. It’s about meeting my children where they’re at and giving them what they need to grow.

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