Dying to Win Resources

I’m so glad you decided to visit this page for more information on resources and information mentioned in Dying to Win: How to Inspire and Ignite Your Child’s Love of Learning in an Overstressed world. If you are looking for some practical ideas I would love to send you a free guide to help you choose inspiring curriculum, find great educational toys, and check out my family’s absolute favorite books.

Studies on Homeschooling

Take a look at these studies about homeschooling mentioned in Dying to Win:

Homeschool Progress Report 2009:
Academic Achievement and Demographics
Homeschooling Grows Up

News Articles

You might also find these news articles interesting:

Fixing the Best Schools in the world, Bloomberg Businessweek
Girl’s suicide highlights the stress children face in Singapore, New Straits Times
The shocking rise of child suicide, Time Out Hong Kong
Chinese school installs ‘anti-suicide’ barriers before dreaded exam, The Telegraph
Tough regime cranks out test winners, China Daily USA
China’s Cram School From Hell, Foreign Policy
Chinese students use IV amino acids to study for high-stakes tests, The Washington Post
The Puzzling Rise in Nearsighted Children, The Wall Street Journal

Legal Defense

If you are looking for information about homeschooling in your area the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is a wonderful resource:

Homeschool Laws in Your State (US)
HSLDA Canada Resources Page
HSLDA International

Homeschooling Groups

If you are looking for homeschooling groups these websites offer some comprehensive lists:

Homeschool Organizations and Support Groups (From the Publishers of Practical Homeschooling Magazine)
Home School Legal Defense Association Support Group Locator

Applying for College

If you want information on applying for college as a homeschool student here are some helpful links:

College & Career (From the Publishers of Practical Homeschooling Magazine)
MIT Admissions Homeschooled Students
Stanford Guidelines for Home-Schooled Applicants
Free Online Courses at edX.org
Picking the Best College (Practical Homeschooling Magazine)

Praxis Apprenticeship

The Praxis apprenticeship program is another excellent post-secondary option for homeschooled students:

The Praxis Homeschool Scholarship

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